Anka Hoerster

Dear Visitor,

Welcome here, where I’m celebrating years of exploring our journey of experience in this life. I invite you to join me in reflections on our inner and outer being, with the wish to understand and alleviate our suffering.

Born as a curious, sensitive, and joyful child, I was encouraged to explore the world by my loving environment. I studied different arts, eventually receiving a Master’s degree in education, and meanwhile traveled the world by bicycle. Working as a musician and nurse, my love for truth, depth, and wisdom grew and guided me to seven years of full-time meditation retreat. After having studied and practiced traditional Tibetan Buddhist meditation intensively, my wish to work and benefit others in our culture again led me back into work especially with the elderly and dying. So amazed by their lives, experiences, and wisdom, I love to spend time with them and share their pace of life, presence, and ongoing reflections.

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In this blog I’m collecting and sharing the fruits of many years of these activities and discoveries along the path.

I’d like to invite you to look around and feel free to leave comments and questions.

I hope you enjoy being here!

P.S: Please visit my Website “Meditative Life” and enjoy a free e-book and much more.

(Und in Deutsch here.)

8 comments on “About

  1. Anka, I have so much been enjoying your posts. They have been especially helpful to me and are gentle reminders to create space for checking in and awareness. I am thankful to have learned of you.

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  2. Bianca, thank you so much. That means a lot to me! I feel there is so much to write about, but what we all are dealing with on a daily base is not so different. I’m happy it is still interesting:)


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