The Power of Vulnerability



“Vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, creativity, love, and belonging!”

– Brene Brown

Maybe you can relate:

If you can allow yourself to feel vulnerable, and if you can respond with compassion towards yourself, then your joy, creativity, love, and belonging can flow again. And if you respond with self-judgment or worse, then you might experience shame, fear, and feelings of unworthiness, even shut down. Let’s look into this in more detail.


Most of us probably haven’t learned that we are good, when we are vulnerable. Most likely, we believe that being vulnerable is not good, that it is to be avoided. But the truth is that vulnerability is something we all share. It’s just something true about all of us.

Further, we usually believe that we need to be better than we are, more perfect than we are. We have an idea of how we think we need to be, and it’s not exactly how we are right now, is it? And yet, consider if your friends were flawless, perfect. Would they, could they still be your friends? What really makes you human—is the basis for your connections to others, makes you real, alive, and actually, beautiful to others—is your imperfection.


If you have kindness and caring for yourself, it’s so much easier to find the courage to see and tell the story of who you really are. In that honesty you’ll find and deepen your sense of worthiness. Wouldn’t it be something to feel vulnerable and very worthy at the same time?…

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