Meditative Travel Day


The moon chasing the wing over Greenland in midnight sun.

A 24-hour trip can easily turn into stress. We were lucky and enjoyed a smooth and peaceful ride with long and comfortable breaks.


I don’t really like traveling by plane, but there is definitely a lot of beauty while doing so. Here we are turning over Albuquerque on our way out of the southwestern U.S.


In the northwestern U.S., enormous volcanoes peak out of high mountain ranges.


Mount Rainier residing majestically near Seattle, Washington State.


Again and again I’m learning how many possibilities there are to experience situations in a calm and grounded way, even if I feel exhausted, tired, and even alienated.


Returning to my native country, I find it so interesting to experience my own culture for a short moment with fresh eyes, as if from the outside. So quickly habitual patterns can re-establish themselves and we are back in our old view.


When the sky is thick and cloudy above us, as it often is in northern Germany, from the other side it looks like a soft and friendly layer.

Slowly we arrive in Europe and with that, airports filled with interesting people and perhaps some surprising new views.

Enjoy your week.





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