Continuing the Journey 1

After years of life in the arid climate and open spaces of New Mexico, we are packing and planning for a sojourn in Northern Europe.

It’s challenging (and interesting) to live in very different places; both exciting and stressful. Definitely a challenge to a meditative lifestyle! A peaceful and relaxed, meaningful life needs both clarity and gentle ease. The ability to choose quickly and to adjust smoothly to all of the things we can’t plan for.

We notice that if there is openness to what wants to happen and a practical plan B, then this kind of life is possible and maybe even beautiful. Otherwise it might feel like living on a life raft on an unpredictable sea.

Little things as support

So this is why I’m now focusing on the little things around me and on nature. The flowers and seeds, the animals around me and the food I eat, the daily practices and the normal routine. All of these things and my awareness of them basically stay the same. They are my ground, while everything else changes.

This gives my being the feeling of continuity in times of change. You might call it mindfulness or you might call it a meditative way of living. For me in these weeks it’s the proof that these skills help us enormously in transitions. They help us stay grounded, open and resilient.

For now we are still in our cozy little adobe casita, but soon all of this will be packed and we will be on the long journey over the ocean. So let’s see when I will be back here.

I will keep you updated on how this journey goes. Enjoy your week wherever you are. 🙂



8 comments on “Continuing the Journey 1

  1. Well, this is a surprise! What a change that will be! You’re right about focusing on small, familiar things for grounding and continuity. That’s always been helpful to me in times of major moves and other life changes. Wishing you the best of everything in your ongoing journey. I look forward to following along with you.

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