Joyful Approach


Joy helps us to feel open, to experience ease, to feel energy and well-being. But joy, as with so many other “positive states,” usually doesn’t come easily — especially not when we are in a difficult situation.

Trying to be joyful, like trying to meditate, can make each very difficult. But there are natural ways to find both without having to create them.

If we focus on something outside of ourselves, like an insect enjoying a cool place or a cat rolling in warm sand, we can relate and feel joy. Of course it’s easier to feel joy if life is friendly to us, but life is not always friendly. Even so, no matter what’s going on in our life, there’s room for joy.

On days were joy feels out of my reach, I feel my longing for it. This longing, felt in a compassionate and curious way already connects me to the feeling of joy. It keeps the door open. I know that a joyful approach changes my whole experience even if it feels difficult at first.

Let’s check what our experience of joy, maybe even rejoicing today:

We can observe joyful feelings as they come and go and also the lack of joy. I found a little video that might be an inspiring starting point especially we feel quite stressed.

If you’d like to go one step further, choose a few moments during the day to enjoy something: Something you do, something you see, hear, feel.

  • Is there an experience you enjoy? (A place, a temperature, an atmosphere, a beautiful view, a connection, a little moment, your lunch?)
  • See what that feels like.
  • Notice how it is to really enjoy it.
  • See how you feel after that. ​

I wish you a good and energizing, maybe joyful week of spring,







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