Path of Courage


The authentic path of courage can lead us out of our own vulnerability. On this path we clarify our values and develop trust.

All of it begins and ends with our ability to stand up when we feel depleted, down or like a failure. Taking some time to go for a walk in nature might even be the beginning of a process like that.

Vulnerability includes experiences of uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. Bravely facing those is and trains courage. Also spending time in nature, alone or with a good friend, just watching and sensing can enliven this resiliency.

Maybe you don’t need those encouragements, maybe you are wondering why I’m bringing those topics together with these images. My feeling is that sometimes experiences that bring about our inner memory and knowing can be better than 1000 words. 🙂

Like to enjoy one more walk?

Have a good week and maybe an inspiring walk.




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