Finding Your Truth


Just to recap the past weeks:

If you have a basic idea of presence, you notice a stillness that invites your wholehearted participation.

If you have a home inside, this is a positive ego that allows you to rest deeply and to act out of your own goodness.

If you know a sense of peace within, then you can see peace around you, connect with the intentions in your heart, and be the best version of yourself.

If you have a sense of aliveness, a free-flowing life energy, then you can harmonize your ups and downs, resolve your inner and outer conflicts in this stream of aliveness, and learn to live joyfully and with gratitude.

If you know love within, if you are in touch with your innermost natural energy, your inner unique goodness, then you have a resilient home-base for stability and nourishment in an unknown and unstable world.

I suppose that no one of us has all of these in a complete and perfect way. But if you know what to look for and how to look, you can find your own little version of these qualities, or—and this is not so far away from that—your longing for these qualities.

We move through life every day and we anyway deal with challenges, joys, and struggles we just don’t understand. Why not help ourselves to be better prepared than our culture taught us to be?


Many of us might have tried different things already and not found a satisfactory way of meeting our challenges. Some of us might already know what helps, but haven’t succeeded in committing to do it consistently. While it’s true that we can change our experience and our responses, this revolution might not happen on its own.

There already exist as many methods as there are temperaments and characters among us. There are many places to look and many techniques to try. And there are different needs and concepts we have that might limit or enable us to see and benefit from one or another. In the end, the only one who can find what really helps is you yourself.

For that to be possible you need to join “the club” of the ones who try, fail and try again. This could be the most interesting, deepest and widest journey you will ever go on. And I can only highly encourage you to do so. Doing so is courageous and life changing and it’s you yourself who makes every choice along the way. This is called “practice” and I’ll present many skills in the next weeks and months to come to inspire you to get curious and experiment.

For now I wish you a wonderful week and the open eyes, heart and mind to find and really sense what is true for you.





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