A Sense of Love


“As you sit in stillness, experiencing the energetic feeling-tone of ‘you,’ you will invariably begin to feel exquisite inside. You will begin to feel at ease, deeply relaxed, natural, perhaps for the first time in a long time. And as you relax, and as you feel the energy you are made of, you will begin to feel loved. (…) Allow yourself to become increasingly in touch with the loving goodness that is already within you.”

– Erich Schiffmann

Especially in emotional times of change and anxiety it can be the most amazing support if we know a still, stable place inside. This place is not necessarily easy to find if we don’t already know it in some way. But there is a lot we can do every day to establish and connect with our inner truth—with this home.

There are many methods that allow us to develop and strengthen this connection. Depending on your lifestyle and temperament, you might pick and implement one or another. This can be a fun and playful process. The key is to be on it every day a little bit and to be consistent.

One of my favorite times to reconnect and recharge in this home is when I walk or wait. These two things happen many times every day. It is a habit now, though it felt nearly like a luxury I shouldn’t allow myself when I started it years ago. Now this simple habit keeps me grounded and centered in myself during the day. Then it’s easier to feel love and loved, and act out of love.

Next month more on this. Until then, enjoy the energy of you.




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