A Sense of Peace

“When you experience the peace within you, you will spontaneously undergo a fundamental transformation in the way you think about yourself and how you see the world.”

— Erich Schiffmann

This sounds big and maybe it is. As we gain more clarity about our inner experience and learn to be simply aware more often—instead of being automatically engaged in our thoughts, emotions and stories—we can find this peace within.

I feel especially now that our world needs us to be a very good version of ourselves. We might find many opportunities during the day to connect with our hearts and practice our awareness, peace, compassion, patience and love.

Since we have lived for a long time with our default patterns, it might take some conscious choice and repetition to notice, check and maybe change them. To direct our focus and open our awareness is something we can practice again and again, step by step. As we move that way more often, with time there will be a much easier path.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel our natural inner commitment, find our clear and authentic orientation, and to live our meaning and belonging with many others—all practicing in their own way, being connected with the deep intentions of their own hearts?

Enjoy moments of stillness, inner peace, and unexpected connections along your way.




12 comments on “A Sense of Peace

  1. Great post, Anka, reading your word I start my day with a good energy! thank you!!
    I have copied ” Wouldn’t it be wonderful…” on my board so I can read it every day!!!
    Thank you for the inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

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