Sharing Silence – Our Shared Humanity


Today is the day of a new post, and though I created a similar post about sharing silence a year ago, I again wish to join with all of you in a moment of silence today.

We live in a world that is constantly shaken by conflicts, challenges and catastrophes. At the same time, we all share the need for food and shelter, community and safety, love and belonging, meaning and appreciation, and a healthy inner and outer environment.

In our world the well-being of some of us does not necessarily include or help the well-being of others. We’ve established atmospheres, systems, and borders that keep some of us in and safe while others are or feel excluded, left out or left behind. Though there is no perfect solution for this, it does not feel good.


Today I’d like to join with all of you in a moment of connection. No matter where we are and where we are from, if we feel in or out, if we feel we belong or if we feel we don’t—we all share our vulnerability, our warm and sensitive heart, our human existence with joy and fear, and we all share a nervous system that can only take so much before it falls out of balance.

In this point we are all basically the same, we can meet and connect, and we can just be aware of the fears and needs we all share. On this basic level we are not as different as it might look on the outside or feel on the inside. Here it doesn’t matter what we look like, what gender or age we are, what nationality or race we come from, what or whom we believe in, trust, or vote for.

This shared longing for safety, health and well-being is a circuit that runs through all of us. In some way, like an electric current, we are all connected by it. And in all of us there is somewhere the wish to be and do the best we can and also the wish that not just we and our loved ones, but also others and their loved ones might be well.

In the awareness and connection of this current I’d like to meet and join with you today and share a moment of silence. Nothing has to be said or solved, nothing needs to be thought or done. We can just be and sense this unity; know, feel and enjoy this connection we always share and actually have available all the time.

Thank you for who you are and that you are here too,






9 comments on “Sharing Silence – Our Shared Humanity

  1. A wonderful idea, Anka. I’ll be taking a moment of silence today and thinking of our shared connections. And the images are so serene and lovely, too. Thank you.

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  2. Yes, we are all part of the same design…. threads of a greater tapestry. The feeling of belonging is such a powerful force. It’s so sad so many people in this world feel like they don’t belong anywhere or with anyone. I think it’s about time I took my interest in Buddhism a bit further than cursory readings. It’s always drawn me to it, and I seem to have signs all over the place at the moment that it’s on my path.

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