Moving into Fall 4


We on the northern hemisphere have arrived in fall. Even here in the high desert where it’s quite warm in the summer, it’s turning cold and the leaves are changing into all kinds of colors. The summer really is over.  For me this is always a time to connect with body and mind to the fruits of this year.

I don’t really want to slow down, I don’t really want to put on socks and layers of warm clothing again. But as I start doing it, it somehow feels comforting and calming.


Now the forest is providing the animals what they need to survive the long winter; and the animals are beginning to fill their storage places and consider their winter homes. In a similar way we can harvest our fruit from this year, begin to sort it out, take in what we need, and maybe save some good seeds for next year.


One thing that always surprises me in fall are the colors. Here at over 2150 meters the colors start on the mountains and move down slowly. And at the end of summer, the yellow Chamiso blooms all over the place and turns every corner into a sunny color pallet.


The afternoons get short, the evenings long, so I love going for a sunset walk while the day is moving into night, sometimes stopping for a nice hot chai in one of my favorite places.


There I love to reflect on the day, the year, my life. I love to remember and feel gratitude for some special moments I experienced that day and during the past season, and for the kindness of all the guides I was able to find and follow.


Some flowers are now getting a second bloom and for me it’s calming and nourishing to take little breaks in a nice place in nature and breathe the fresh air that now carries the special scent of fall.

I wish all of you a good start into the new season and hope you’ll make a nice home for yourself and all around you to feel warm, nourished and safe during the coming months.



Meditative Painting

P.S: This is the last post inspired by #BreatheSeptember2016.

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