Moving into Fall 3

Image 213 (2)

Now the days become shorter, the evenings longer and the light changes slowly. As the temperature changes there is a bit more moisture in the air, and during long evenings a soft light can color everything with long shadows and warm colors.

Image 69 (2)

This is a good time to spend a relaxed and reflective day inside and to take a look at one’s own inner inventory.

Image 219 (1)

Also there might be nice opportunities for long bike rides as there is more coolness in the air. After riding I love to slowly fill up on water and nutrition and enjoy the effects of my body’s work with awareness and a smile.


Once when I visited the rain forest in Singapore I saw many monkeys living in their territory high above the ground. We humans tend to look more or less only within the horizontal. The monkeys turned theirs head everywhere and especially up and down. Their space was the full space of the trees. After many months of efficient activity I love to take the time now to look into all directions freely.


During our days we typically move around in our normal pathways. Sometimes it can give new perspectives when we move to a different place and let ourselves roam there.

Image 11111

Doing so, I love to see what my senses present to me. Usually they are well integrated into my daily life, following my mind’s lead, but on unusual days they can take the lead and let my mind just be and relax.

Image 75 (2)

All of this and much more can be part of our self-care in the fall. This is a time where many of us tend to get sick, because we don’t adjust fast enough to the changes in temperature and our body’s needs. Setting up new fall habits and making sure my body stays warm enough helps me to avoid those infections and enjoy the change fully.

Have a good week in which all of us in the northern hemisphere move into fall. And for all of you on the southern hemisphere I’m rejoicing in your experience of the beginning of spring. 🙂




P.S: The inspiration for pairing words and pictures comes from #BreatheSeptember2016.


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