Moving into Fall 2

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“…learn to see everyday life as mandala – our life experience moving in the dance or play of the universe. Be natural and spontaneous, accepting and learning from everything. This enables us to see the ironic and amusing side of events that usually irritate us.”

– Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

With an attitude of celebrating life, our experience changes. Our relationships, our work—simply our experience of being human, whatever we do—can be much more as it actually is in this moment, instead of how we imagine or expect it to be. A mind of celebration inspires me to be here now.

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In the same way, nature encourages us to recognize that every moment is unique: the light, the vegetation, the sounds, the surfaces we touch, the shapes we see.

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Looking with eyes that love what they see, we naturally focus on beautiful and surprising little details all around us. It doesn’t mean we don’t see other aspects of life and world, but we see that all aspects are always integrated with each other.

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The more often I’m present during my day, the more I notice spontaneous enjoyment of breath, and relaxing moments that appear like natural seasoning throughout my many different activities.

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One thing that allows for a natural feeling and experience of fluidity is enough water. Most of us know that we don’t drink enough fluids, and though it might be challenging new habit at first, we will feel the difference.


Seeing the beauty in situations, in ourselves, and in others can change any response. Seeing beauty especially counteracts any negative tendencies that might be there as well.

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With a more present, peaceful, and nourished body and mind, we can notice the natural clearing of spontaneous stillness and quiet.

Image 37 (1)

In some way, everything is fresh all of the time. Each activity, each relationship. Though we might drive down a certain street every day, the experience is always different. Hidden details come to light. A rainstorm, rather than a burden, might suddenly become one of the most thrilling we’ve ever seen.

Have a beautiful and calm week and mind,



P.S: The inspiration for pairing words and pictures comes from #BreatheSeptember2016.


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