Moving into Fall 1

Image 26

As summer moves into fall our bodies and our beings go through different changes as well. As a little inspiration and support for this transition I’d like to offer a month of posts.

Maybe you are looking back on relaxing vacation or a summer with a very busy schedule. Maybe the autumn is your favorite season or you’d prefer this summer to stay much longer. No matter what our story, we have all shared the experience of this summer. And we also share this moment, and this, and this.

Depending on the needs of the moment, we might sit down at home and reflect and write. Or we might go for a fun little hike with friends, or walk alone in the forest …

Image 56

Listening to what’s going on inside and around us, we can rediscover our depth and a more authentic response to events.

Image 138 (2)

Listening is like a channel I tune into. It helps me to be in the moment, to find a sense of calm and a feeling of being at home no matter where I am.

Image 97 (2)

Especially in the fall, the evening can become a time for comfort and simplicity. It gets darker earlier and we might like to wear warm socks and maybe light candles and spend the hours after sunset with good friends or nice music at home.

Image Socks

For me these times are often better with a nourishing cup of hot tea …

Image 192 (2)

When we feel at home, comforted, and nourished, it’s so much easier to find stillness and the deep rest that follows it.

Have a good week!




P.S: By the way, the inspiration for pairing words and pictures comes from #BreatheSeptember2016. I’m enjoying it!

6 comments on “Moving into Fall 1

  1. I am a seasonal woman, attuned to the Wheel of the Year and the cycles of the Moon. I noticed something new this week. It’s my habit to stop buying stone fruit after Labor Day, because its peak season seems to end for me at that time (here in the SF Bay Area). I had a bowl of peaches and nectarines from last week still in the fridge, and when I cut a few up for a snack yesterday I noticed that they didn’t taste as good to me now as they did a week ago. It’s interesting to see my tastebuds and appetite change with the season.

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    • So beautiful, Sue! My mom always said “it’s healthiest to eat what grows where we live during the current season”. I heard something similar from one of my Tibetan teachers as well. So good that you can feel it, too:)

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