Birthday Hike

Image 48 (1)
Today I’d like to invite you to a nice little hike celebrating my birthday.

Image 44 (1)

In the morning, before the monsoon clouds become enormous mountains, we hike along the edge of one of the world’s great supervolcanoes — in the Jemez mountains of New Mexico.

Image 46

We start out on a narrow path along a river,

Image 45 (1)

making a slow climb up a steep canyon.

Image 57 (2)

We move past huge fallen timber,

Image 63 (1)

house-sized boulders, and…

Image 59 (1)

volcanic rocks that flew miles through the air during a great explosion two million years ago.

Image 49

After two hours we arrive at our destination, a natural hot springs,

Image 51 (1)

the water blocked by dams and moving slowly through several small pools.

Image 56 (2)

Some special plant-beings grow close by in the forest, including

Image 66 (1)

a curious rust-colored plant, without chlorophyll, that blooms in the shade,

Image 52

and ponderosa pines, whose bark has the scent of vanilla.

Image 65 (2)

The trees break at some point and become nutrition for many other beings.

Image 62 (1)

After a nice bath and a delicious picnic, we dawdled our way back down.

Image 61 (1)

This is New Mexico, so along the way we find strong cactus asserting themselves…

Image 55 (1)

as well as amazing spiraling wooden logs…

Image 64 (1)

and early fruits of the late summer.

Image 67 (1)
Photo Tony Sager

Down at the bottom of the canyon, the clouds have darkened and built up into mountains. We arrive at a cafe for a chai only shortly before the first heavy rain comes down.

Image 41 (3)
Photo Tony Sager

But there we are warm and dry, having already enjoyed a bath hours earlier, in the midst of volcanic rocks and pines and natural wilderness high up in the mountains.

Thanks for joining,



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