Moving On

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Here we have arrived in a fresh new year! Many choices and activities await us—and we have another chance to reflect and choose wisely.

Last year I started this blog in order to celebrate my 21st year of Buddhist practice. It has been such a surprising and precious experience. So many wonderful connections have been made and I’ve learned so much about living a meditative life. At first I wasn’t sure if I had enough to say to fill a post a week, but later I often had to postpone topics because others felt more urgent or fitting at the time.

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One thing that has stood out for me has been the many different ways we all are transforming our lives by these wise and deep teachings. No matter what religion or tradition we feel is our home, we have more in common than not. I’ve met many different practitioners from different backgrounds and religions and have loved to listen to, understand, and feel the truth and benefit in their own way of spiritual life.

So now I’ll continue blogging here, but in a slightly different way. Rather than endeavoring to transmit fundamental Buddhist ideas, I’ll focus on shorter posts that inspire direct experience of the meditative life. I’ll also interview others. I’m so looking forward to investigating how we actually live the different ideas I’ve written about in this blog. What are our real life experiences with awareness, kindness, and meditation? What are the challenges and the elements in our daily lives that need us to be clear about our orientation and that encourage our development?

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It’s easy to sink into frustration and resignation in the face of a racing mind and a fearful and stressed nervous system. But we are on a journey, and we are changing. Is it even possible to do everything as we did before we started focusing on meditation and spiritual development? I think we will find that our lives are changing for the better—and I wish to support us in doing so. How do we actually integrate meditation into our life, so that our life becomes a meditative life? I have wondered what the key factors are in this area, and this year I’ll write about how we can understand and navigate them in our everyday lives.

If you’d like to add some suggestions or experiences, I would love to read about them. Please email me at:

Enjoy your first week of the year and maybe see you soon,




7 comments on “Moving On

  1. Thank you. I hope it will be a wonderful year for you, me and all. And learning from your posts about paying attention and to be kind… will definitely be a big help, thank you for all you do.


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