There are key moments we usually don’t notice. These are the times we are moving from one place to another. In those moments we can be aware of our balance, our wholeness, and of our connection with the ground, both literally and metaphorically.

Choosing and walking the paths in our life happens mainly in the background of our conscious experience. Maybe we sweeten these routines with meeting with a friend for the lunch break, a coffee on the go, or by enjoying different vistas along the way. But usually we are not really present to how we go and how our body moves.

feet in sandals

To be fair, many of the things we experience on the go are not especially beautiful or stunning. The seasons may be changing, but the traffic, the buildings, the weather, the crowdedness in one place and the boring sameness in other locations seem to be relatively predictable. Also, the way we move is usually the same. However, each moment, each movement, and each day are unique. Tapping into this knowledge can give us a surprising new sense of possibility.

Do we notice the sun, the flowers along the way, a friendly face at the side of the road? Do we see them? How does our body feel today, by the way? Is there anything we’re looking forward to? Is it a Monday or a Friday?

Morning Start
Still under the covers, we wake to notice the warmth around us and the gentle voices of the birds outside. The day has started but we are not fully awake yet, and if we have to jump to the call of the alarm clock, we might not be aware of the transition from the peace of the night into the activities of the day. Is our nervous system able to move in its own rhythm from the land of sleep into its activity in the waking world? What does or would that feel like?


How do we typically navigate this space between sleep and waking? Which distances do we move along while this transition happens, internally and externally? How long does it actually take?

Beginning Our Routines
Typically we have developed routines that guide us through our days. Do our routines allow for play room and exceptions? What is our Sunday, holiday, birthday, and sickness routine? How many choices do we allow for ourselves and are they benefiting us on a daily basis? Can we play with our rituals or are they playing us?

I love my routines and I love their changes and exceptions. I love to take the same way going in for work and then take another route back sometimes. I love holidays which allow me to decide each morning how I’d like to move my mind and body that day. I love clearly planned times because this helps me to get a lot of things done. And I love those days which are empty and inspire openness, spontaneity and creativity.


A Greater Movement
In addition to our daily routine there is the path of our life. The way we live the little routines of life is the way we live this life of ours. How do we wish to live that life? Like it is an irritating commute? A pilgrimage, a career path, or an adventure? A long journey enchanted by visits with relatives and friends? Or all of these?

Special Times
All routines have breaks, planned special moments. In our holiday time we might plan to do fascinating things. We’ve been looking forward to getting away from our daily routine for a long time. But far from home our wishes and the situations we find ourselves in can be quite different. Yet it is fun to follow the moment and the special attractions of the new. It can be very inspiring to be in another environment and we might find ourselves changed.


Winding Down
Coming home after a long day we might finally feel like we have time to spend on other things than the daily duties. But often we feel exhausted and simply long to refill our batteries. Maybe we’d like to go directly to the fridge or onto the sofa. Or maybe we do have some energy, and we’d like to play with our kids or would love to read in our favorite book. We all have our duties, our plan, and our preferences to celebrate the evenings.

As we began the day in our own fashion we usually have a way to end it, too. As in so many things we can’t always choose, but looking back we can see our patterns quite clearly. Are these the ones we would choose if we could? Do we travel on the paths we would like to travel on, internally and externally? Are there paths and terrains we have not travelled yet, but long for?

It is beautiful if we can feel content with “what is.” And it is also very satisfying if we can play with and modify what is. The recognition of space and time to choose is what makes our life play. And it’s nice to have a wish list with things we would like to do as time comes!

Spring buds

Have a beautiful spring week and enjoy reflecting on and traveling your own paths.


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