A Buddhist Year, 2015


For all of us I wish that the year 2015 will be inspiring, joyful and contemplative!

The project starting here will bring together different teachings and methods I find encouraging and helpful. In the form of a year-long blog, I will collect research, reflections, meditations, and little pointers for joy. No matter what our age, religion, or tradition, we can find new inspiration to reflect upon and enjoy our lives. I hope you will enjoy this blog and I hope you find much interesting and energizing material here.

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This is my 21st year of Buddhist and contemplative study and practice, and I’d like to celebrate this by sharing what I have found to be healing, wise, and useful for us Westerners. The first 15 years I spent studying and practicing traditional Tibetan Buddhism. In the last five years I broadened my focus to look for and learn from Western teachers of different contemplative traditions. Most of these men and women studied and practiced in traditional Asian schools and found ways of practice and teaching that have especially benefited their Western students.


Our human life, despite modern comforts, is not easy. Life is short and we face many challenges. The challenges make life vivid, but also create stress, unexpected adventures, as well as opportunities for transformation. Many disciplines have formed in the East and West to encourage these transformations.

Groundbreaking research has occured in the last few decades in the fields of neuroscience, mindfulness, meditation, stress reduction, and healing rituals. Inspiring teachers have presented at universities, conferences, meditation centers, and interested companies. We all can access so much information these days and can follow developments on all continents. On the downside this can be quite overwhelming! But we can choose one tradition or method and start to go deeper into our own practice there. This is what I did, beginning in the early 1990s.

However, times have changed since then. The diversity of views continues to increase and it’s not easy to find some kind of overview and orientation that allows one to see an entry point. It’s a jungle out there!


With this said I’ll now place this blog in the jungle and hope it will be a joyful clearing for you.

I’m planning to write a new post every week, which will be appearing on Mondays in 2015. In 2016 they will be published on different weekdays.I wish you a wonderful start on a happy, healthy, and joyful 2015!



12 comments on “A Buddhist Year, 2015

  1. Anka, you are one of the sweetest and joyful souls I have encountered! Your extensive meditation experience informs all you do, and your blog exemplifies all these qualities.

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  2. Thank you Anka for leading me to your blog by liking my comment at Lou’s. I will love to be part of this blogs journey into the jungle. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend Anka dear.


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